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So sad!

This is me being sad in the car on the way home from work last night. Still having computer issues and had to stay over 2 hours late. BOO!



Movies and Spinsterhood

Today was a pretty great day in Meganland. I got up and went to church, and afterward took my Aunt out to lunch and a movie for her birthday. We ate at Chili's: Guiltless Grill Chicken Sandwich......you know, cause we gotta watch the figures. Then we saw P.S. I Love You! It was a total chick flick and a total HOTTIE overload. You can't go wrong with chick flicks.....you just can't.

After I got home from the movies, I grabbed my grocery list and headed out to Wally world to obtain some grindage for this week. It really sucks going to the store when you're on a diet and you're hungry. I did good and only bought healthy things, so I rewarded myself with Subway for dinner. YUM!

My sister and I watched "Persuasion" on Masterpiece Theater tonight.....so good! Jane Austen really knows how to write the perfect love story. Anne Elliot, the main character, is 27 and unmarried (I can relate). She was considered an old maid and totally unmarriagable. Does this mean I'm a spinster? Spinster House at your service. Why can't I have some totally incredible and devastating romance in my life. .

I suppose that's all for now.......back to the salt mill tomorrow. I am seriously praying that the Lord will help me deal with my current trainee. She irritates the snot out of me for some reason, but I am trying to be kind.



Today I've been a lazy bum! I got up this morning and it was so cold in the house. We are not turning on the heat to try and save on the bills, but I tell you it gets so hard sometimes. I was wrapped up in pajamas, a robe, and bed stuff last night and was still a bit nippy. When I say robe, I mean my big mama jama Goodwill robe that I've had forever. I love this robe. It's ugly as sin, but it is so comfortable. I can't seem to part with it.

I've mainly been sitting at the computer all day playing around on Blogger and in Photoshop. I've also had my iTunes on shuffle.....go to my Last.fm page to see what I've been listening to.  Feel free to friend me!

I guess that's about it for the first post of the new year. Tomorrow morning is church (YAY!) and then I'm supposed to be taking my dearly beloved Auntie Andra out for her birthday. Should be a good day all in all. 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic new year so far!


Merry Christmas to all!

Hey there everybody! I finally got all my Christmas shopping done!! Yesterday was torture because I found out the laptop backpack that I had gotten my dad was not the one he wanted. That one had to go back to the store, and then I was running all over town to every office type place, and no one had it in stock. I finally ended up having to buy it on amazon.com, wrapping a picture of it and writing on it that he will get it on Wednesday. Nice, huh? Oh well, at least he'll get what he wanted. I kind of went overboard this year since my parents are going through some financial woe. I really hope everyone likes their presents!

My dad made one of those jibjab snowball fights with all of our boxers! My parents have two boxers, we have two, and my brother has one......it's pretty darn cute. You can go here to see it!

I hope you all have the Happiest of Holidays!


My new purchase!

Oh man......I totally know I shouldn't have, but I had to have it!! At least I get a rebate so it will eventually be free! 

It should be here in 2 days..........I can't freaking wait to get it!!

Hope you're all doing well!

Movie Reviews

Hello all!  Just stopping in quickly to post.  It's been a super long week........we had to let someone go yesterday who just wasn't getting the material.  I feel really bad and like a failure, but it had been over 3 weeks and she still wasn't catching on well.  Then there's some family drama going on that I can't really get into.  All in all......pretty crappy day.

This past weekend I saw two movies:  Enchanted and August Rush.  I have to say that I loved them both.  Enchanted was really funny and just made me feel good......I left the theatre in such a cheerful mood and humming all the songs.  I loved the way that it made fun of itself, and Patrick Dempsey looked great.

August Rush was very good as well.  I don't think it's for everyone and could definitely be classified as a chick flick.  There are a LOT of unbelievable parts of it, but if you disregard that, it's very good.  Again with this movie.......very good music.  I love the soundtrack to pieces.  Jonathan Rhys-Meyers sings in it and does a really good job.  I would recommend it for a feel-good chick flick.  If you're looking for some dramatic indie movie, this ain't it.  I thought it might be from the previews, but no.  I left there smiling though, so it was all okay!

I hope you are all doing well.  I am so thankful this week is over to tell you the truth.  I need to start fresh as of tomorrow!


Oh my word.....it's been so long since I've posted here or even checked my Livejournal Friends Pages.  Things have been so crazy around here lately.  

My dad went into the hospital recently.  His blood sugar had spun so far out of control that it caused him to have a small stroke and then caused him to have severe stomach cramps and muscle contractions.  He was in the hospital having lots of tests and being under supervision for quite a while, but long story short, he's out now.  He still has a slight limp from the stroke, but he's getting his blood sugar back to where it should be.  The only problem is that he will not be able to drive truck anymore.  It's been really hard for my parents and family to deal with all of this on top of my dad being out of work.  Thankfully, after lots of prayer, he found a new job this week and will soon be back to work!!

The other thing that's been going on is that I got that promotion at work!!  It has been so difficult trying to get settled into this position and all the work and responsibility it entails.  I am telling you, I've barely had time to breathe!

I know that some of my friends have probably deleted me, and a lot of you probably wrote me off as a lost cause, but things are finally calming down and I should be able to get back to catching up with everyone.  

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Song Meme (with downloads!)


Puppy mania!!

So, as promised, I am prepared to tell the news that I have.  Remember when I told you all that I'd decided to go back to school??  Well yeah, this new position came up at work, and it would be so wonderful if I could get it.  The problem is that if I were to get it, I would have to go to Philadelphia for a week for training......this would not fit in with a school schedule.  After much consideration, I've decided to wait until the spring semester to start back to school.  I know, I know......it seems like I keep putting it off, but I really do want to go back to school, so I'm going to do it.  I just need to see if this position pans out first.  Keep your fingers crossed, peeps!

This weekend was busy busy busy.......we had a concert Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Then my Dad and I are filling in with another group for a concert, and we had to do some heavy practicing for that.  When I left there, I was completely worn out!  

Then Sunday night, we got a new puppy!!!!  It's a little boy boxer named Bentley, and he is adorable!!  Here are some pics:

Then my parents got a white female boxer named Callie!!  Here is that baby:

My brother also got a boxer boy, but I don't have any pictures of him yet.  We were seriously doggin' it up last night!  

Here's the questions I got asked on the meme from abvj
1. Edward Cullen or Jack Sheppard?
This is such a hard question, but I'm going to have to go with Jack Sheppard......I have some serious love for the Jack!
2. First ever girl crush on a celeb?
Hmmmm.......probably Joey from Nsync or Kirk Cameron LOL!
3. Most embarassing moment.
I have so very many, but I guess I'll have to go with the time I forgot the words to the song I was singing at my friend's wedding......I completely blanked on the second verse of "You Light Up My Life"!  I was so  nervous, and I just started making up words LOLOL
4. Favorite comfort food.
Hmmmm......I'm fond of cheesecake with cherries or strawberries, and if there is none handy I'll go with any type of pasta.

5. if you had to pick, what song would you choose to listen to for the rest of your life?
Dear Lord, this is the hardest question ever!!!!  I have soooooo many that it would be hard to narrow it down to just one, but I'll go with "He Will Deliver Us" by the McRaes for my gospel side, and for the rest of music I'm going to have to go with "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS......I know that's pretty gay, but that song never gets old to me. 

I hope you're all doing well!  LOVE!


It's Meme time!

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

Tagged by: rock2rooney</b></a>

1.  I really really love Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and other complete cheesiness like Hannah Montana and That's So Raven.  I'm totally kvelling at the thought of watching High School Musical 2 this Friday.....it might be the highlight of my week LOLOL!  I'm a goobatron!

2.  I was born with a recurring tumor on my right foot....it was removed twice when I was a child, and now contains a lot of scar tissue.

3.  While driving, I blast music super duper loud and sing at the top of my lungs....my favorites are show tunes, where I totally act out the songs with hand movements and all......it's really dangerous, and I KNOW people give me the weirdo look when they pass me.

4. When I was in high school, I was in seven or eight plays, and my senior year I had the lead in our production of FAME.....that's right people........remember my name.

5.  I used to be a complete New Kids on the Block fangirl......I had the NKOTB Barbies and their stage.  Once, I totally laid on my bed and cried to "I'll Be Loving You Forever".  Like I said......goobatron!

6. I used to have a fake medical kit, and my Pawpaw would lay on the couch and let me doctor him up.......he dubbed me Nurse Lulu Magilicuddy! 

7.  When I was a kid, I was completely spoiled and stubborn......if I didn't get my way, then I would use my made-up "swear word", which was SHOBERTY!  When people asked me what it meant, I said, "magazines don't hold".....apparently, I was weird on top of spoiled and stubborn.

So yeah, there's my answers LOLOL!  I don't want to tag anyone (I'm totally breaking rule number 3!), but I would totally love to read yours if you want to fill it out!!

In other news, my sunburn has stopped hurting, and has moved into the peeling stage......no fun at all.  Tomorrow night, we are having a Mary Kay party......I'm totally addicted to Mary Kay.  I hope it turns out good.  I have some other news to relay to you all, but I'll have to save it for later on this week, cause I am tired and I need to go to bed......and it's a long story.  I hope you're all doing well.......LOVE!!

PS-- sarcastic_funny......I totally keep meaning to email you, but it has been crazy busy around here......and I do mean CRAZY!  I haven't forgotten you....we must dish about the book!  I will try my hardest to email you this week!!  :))